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Posted on 02/23/2013 at 11:47 am by Kevin Wentworth
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iBackuper is an iPod Access and Transfer Tool for Windows

My review of iBackuper: Excellent, Simple and easy to use.  You can't go wrong when there are only 3 buttons.

I can restore my iTunes Library onto a new Computer using my iPod. Sure thing.

My Windows music library computer finally crashed.  With its demise, all of my music files were safe.  Don't worry I said.  All my music is safely backed up to my iPod.  Common sense, right? Well, to actually import your iPod into iTunes and make your iPod be the actual starting point for the new music library (on the PC), you can't do it in iTunes!  You need software!  Well, most of us need software- if all of your music is in iCloud then you wouldn't be reading this article, anyway.  Right?

Now, how do I transfer music files from my iPod to my Windows Computer?

I went searching for solutions. I was looking for a free ipod access software for windows and wasn't having much luck.

You can pay for access to your iPod.   There are plenty of good programs out there, one in particular is iPod PC Transfer, but you have to pay $19.95 to really make the transfer software useful (you can only transfer a single song at a time until you buy the advanced version). 

You can use free iPod access software.  To avoid paying anything (at least at the time of this writing) and to get a piece of software that actually synchronizes your iTunes Library from your iPod to your Computer, you need to download iBackuper.  I got mine from CNET  Tip: there is a way to avoid using the downloader- just click the direct download link

Is iBackuper a Typo?

Only one question is left in my mind after using this awesome iPod to PC transfer utility: is it actually supposed to be iBackupper?

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