Best Eclipse Feature: Link With Editor

Posted on 05/21/2009 at 09:43 am by Kevin Wentworth
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I use Eclipse for all of my CakePHP development work.  I love that you can get code completion, class inheritance, and more by following these steps.  I also loved that I could have 20 something files opened, and when I changed the active document in the editor, my PHP Explorer hierarchy would change in response. 

So, I upgraded my Eclipse to Ganymede, so I could download the latest PDT and install the Git plugin (which I haven't even tried yet).  Long story short, my PHP Explorer document hierarchy stopped responding when I would change the active document.  I thought it was a bug.  I was so convinced that I even upgraded to the PDT 2.1 RC1 to see if it was a bug- nope!

The answer rests in my own stupidity- it's a little button you have to click to link the PHP Explorer window to the active document in the Eclipse editor.  Duh!  This is one of my favorite feature of Eclipse.  So I don't forget in the future- here's the button:

Eclipse Screenshot - Linking with Editor

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